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        Beijing BAM Company Limited is the integration of North Auto Company excellent assets on the basis of the establishment of new enterprises, with excellent historical tradition and the deep cultural inside story, is shouldering the inheritance BAIC veins, build cars in Beijing new economic point of growth of the historical important task.

        Beijing BAM Company Limited is the social responsibility of China's automobile industry to provide advanced technology level of the heat exchange system products, for the community to provide high-quality, energy saving, environmental protection, has multiple functions of Beiqi space vehicles, as China's economic and social development and the improvement of people's living standard duty, make contribution.

        Historical heritage, tamp foundation, and the Beijing automotive synchronous development, is the North Auto Limited vision and mission;innovation, for the public, truth-seeking, forge ahead is pushing North Auto Company Limited development motivation; realization of social benefits,economic benefits and employee benefits of a harmonious unity, is the North Auto Limited company always persist firmly in pursuit of value.

        Beijing BAM Company Limited in Beijing Automobile Group Co., under the leadership of the company, in order to " industrial nation, the industry starts city, do poineering work to enrich the people " as their responsibility, work hard and perseveringly, stand on solid ground, unremitting self-improvement, forge ahead, with high-quality products to serve the community, by Hau integrity to win customers, a car in Beijing the two times to do poineering work new journey in implementation spans type develop, maintain Beijing BAM Company Limited evergreen.